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TARRYTOWN, N.Y., Dec. 12, 2015 - Hua Xia GPT, the parent company of US-based General Processor Technologies (GPT), announced that they will present at China's World Internet Conference being held December 15 – 18, 2015, in Wuzhen, Zhejiang, China. The Conference will facilitate strategic-level discussions on global Internet governance, cyber security, the Internet industry as the engine of economic growth and social development, technological innovation and philosophy of the Internet. It is expected that 1,200 leading figures from governments, international organizations, enterprises, science and technology communities, and civil societies all around the world will participate the WIC this year.


HX-GPT will provide an overview of cores and IP which are designed by GPT to be Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA) compatible and are available for licensing. GPT previously announced a geographical expansion of its IP licensing territory. Historically GPT has developed IP specifically for the China market. With the company-wide adoption of HSA standards, GPT is now expanding licensing worldwide.


"All GPT processors will include HSA support and we are excited to offer our customers world-class processors that support HSA," said Kerry Li, Chairman of the Board of Directors of GPT.


In addition to HX-GPT product news, the HSA Foundation recently announced the election of GPT's Chief Executive Officer, Dr. John Glossner, as President.


"I'm honored to help move the HSA Foundation toward the realization of our members' shared vision of a unified heterogeneous system architecture," said Glossner. "I look forward to working with all the member companies and appreciate their tremendous support for the Foundation."


Also recently announced was GPT's sponsorship of an open source project enabling the translation of HSA intermediate language (HSAIL) binary format BRIG for GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) with kernel agent support and vector/SIMD optimizations. The project aims to expand HSA tools support and provide developers and vendors with more flexibility.


HSA is a standardized platform design that unlocks the performance and power efficiency of the parallel computing engines found in most modern electronic devices. To support these products, HSA Foundation working groups are standardizing tools and APIs for debug and profiling, creating guidelines for incorporating IP from multiple vendors into the same SoC, and much more. The Foundation released the v1.0 specification in March.


About GPT, Inc.
General Processor Technologies (GPT) is the wholly owned subsidiary of Beijing etwon-based Hua Xia GPT. GPT designs and licenses embedded HSA-compatible processors for use world-wide. Best known for building multithreaded vector Digital Signal Processors (DSP) for wireless communications, GPT also licenses cores for use in machine vision, Internet of Things (IoT), Machine-to-Machine (M2M), consumer electronics, and deep learning. GPT's patent-pending Unity architecture allows customers to optimize cores for a range of applications and easily integrates into heterogeneous systems providing power-efficient computing and software reuse. For more information, please visit


About the HSA Foundation 
The HSA (Heterogeneous System Architecture) Foundation is a non-profit consortium of SoC IP vendors, OEMs, Academia, SoC vendors, OSVs and ISVs, whose goal is making programming for parallel computing easy and pervasive. HSA members are building a heterogeneous computing ecosystem, rooted in industry standards, which combines scalar processing on the CPU with parallel processing on the GPU, while enabling high bandwidth access to memory and high application performance with low power consumption. HSA defines interfaces for parallel computation using CPU, GPU and other programmable and fixed function devices, while supporting a diverse set of high-level programming languages, and creating the foundation for next-generation, general-purpose computing. Learn more about HSA and the HSA Foundation at

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